The Litttle DREAM Box



The Little DREAM Box (LDB) is an off-grid system, providing lighting and device charging and powering for households and small businesses. The LDB provides first time access to power for rural consumers or serves as back-up electricity during power outages, travelers, nomads, herders, fishermen, Police, Army, and Aid Workers. The little DREAM Box comes in two of its kind; the Little DREAM Box and the Big Little DREAM Box.

In summary, LDB’s Design encompasses:
  • Ability to meet lighting and charging needs of the average rural household and small business,
  • Simplicity of installation and operation,
  • Robustness, high quality, longer hours of power, less hours of charging,
  • Value for Money defined in terms of longer life, longer warranty.
  • No Control Chip. Pay-As-You-Go success to be achieved by creating collaborative distribution networks, whereby the LDB is leased out on “trust”
The LDB’s main components are:
  •  10 W solar polycrystalline panel
  •  4,000 mAh lithium battery storage
  •  Control hub with 2xUSB sockets, 2x12V lighting sockets and 1x12V auto socket
  •  300 lumen LED Bulb including bulb holder
  •  5V rechargeable portable lantern (Lumi light)
  •  5 phone charging connecting tips
  •  Connecting wiring.



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