DREAM specializes in the design and installation of hybrid power systems providing solutions where availability of power is of critical importance, such as in the case of the healthcare sector, where lack of reliable and high-quality power can have an adverse impact on human life and expensive medical equipment.

  1. Dream in partnership with Philips in 2018 constructed an off grid system with 5.8kwp and 67.92kwh battery capacity to power Dandu Health Centre in Wajir County.
  2. Under powering off-grid project for Primary health facilities in Partnership with the Homa Bay County Department of Health Services in 2019, DREAM Powered 175 dispensaries across 8 Sub Counties in Homa Bay County with LDB 1. This helped provide backup in the maternity.
  3. Through Partnership with Philip’s Dream-powered Tutini Health Dispensary and Matiku Health Dispensary  in Makueni  county with an offgrid system of  3kwp and 28.8 battery capacity


DREAM aims to replace the harmful, expensive kerosene lantern with LDB 1 to impact children’s access to clean power for education purposes. We have sold over 4,000 units of LDB1 to small rural households over the last 5 years replacing kerosene lanterns as their main lighting system.

DREAM has also worked with organizations implementing digital literacy in schools by designing power solutions for ICT Classrooms.


By implementing solar energy and borehole solutions, DREAM empowers communities with sustainable solutions that improve access to clean water and renewable power. – Osupukiai Borehole in Narok

Community first access to electricity- Remba Minigrid connects a total of 250 residential and business customers.

Arise Center Mbita, Homa Bay – 15Kwh Powering a women’s incubation hub.

lighting system.

DREAM has also worked with organizations implementing digital literacy in schools by designing power solutions for ICT Classrooms.

Solar Street Lightings

DREAM has adapted its DREAM Power Box to provide power for custom streetlighting applications offering a number of benefits over stand-alone PV-powered street lights that can be found in a number of areas. The street lights are linked to the custom DPB either through underground or overhead cables. DREAM’s street lighting solution ensures:

  • DREAM has already installed 4 standalone solar-powered DPBs supporting a network of LED street lights in Marsabit County, Northern Kenya. The 350 high-quality LED lights provide 12 hours of lighting 365 days per year over a distance of 12 km in Marsabit and Moyale Towns

Residential Solar Systems

DREAM can offer any type of bespoke residential solar-powered system to meet a range of diverse objectives to suit any type of residence such as:

  • Grid-connected solar system to reduce the cost of electricity bills. In the absence of an energy storage system electricity bill reduction can be maximized with load shifting to take full advantage of midday generation
  • Grid-connected solar with battery storage system which acts both to reduce electricity bills but also to safeguard against blackouts and provide security and uninterrupted supply for the residence
  • Off-grid solar with a battery storage system to supply 100% of a household’s needs from renewable power. Solar systems can be roof-mounted, ground-mounted, or mounted on a custom canopy that can also double as a shaded seating area for the residence.
  • Dream constructed various residential offgrid systems upto 5kwp and 10kwh battery capacity

Commercial and Industrial

·         Standard Group Limited (Phase 1) Mombasa Rd Nairobi-Dream in a JV with Burhani   Engineers constructed an on grid system of 171kwp


·         Kiamara Coffee Farm in Kiambu County, Dream constructed an on grid system of 36kwp