The Big Little DREAM Box



The Big Little DREAM Box was designed to provide more power to larger households or small to medium businesses and can power a number of lights and appliances such as TVs, radios, fans, laptops etc. There are three different versions of BLDB varying according to daily electricity output catering for a wide spectrum of customer needs.

Big Little DREAM Box 250 (logo) Big Little DREAM Box 500 (logo)
Solar Capacity 60 Wp 100 Wp
Battery Capacity 42,000mAh 85,000mAh
Output 230 V AC and 12 V DV 230V AC and 12V DC
Uses 30X mobile phone charges 60X mobile phone charges
15X Smart phone charges 30X Smart Phone Charges
24 hours lighting for three bulbs 48 hours lighting for three bulbs
85 hours radio play 150 hours radio play
3 hours TV 7 hours TV
Included in the box 3X 300 Limen 3W LED bulb with holder 3X 300 Lumen 3W LED bulb with holder
1X portal rechargeable LED Lumi Light 1 X portable rechargeable LED Lumi Light
Warranty 3 years 3 years
Retail price $625 $750
AC TV with power consumption of 60 W


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