About DREAM EP Global Energy (K) Ltd

DREAM “Developing Renewable Energy in Africa and Middle east” is an initiative EP Global Energy launched in 2014 to support and provide cheap and renewable energy in Africa and the Middle-east.

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DREAM EP Global Energy, Kenya, provides renewable energy solutions across Eastern Africa to power: healthcare, education, commerce, communities and to expand first-time access to electricity to both rural and urban areas. We also design home and residential solar systems. Through providing clean, green and reliable energy, we support development.
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Powering Sustainable Development with Affordable, Renewable Energy

DREAM EP Global Energy (K) Ltd “DREAM”, and, DREAM Green Power (K) Ltd “GREEN”, are wholly owned Kenyan subsidiaries of EP Global Energy Ltd, an award winning developer of transformational renewable energy projects. EP Global Energy launched its DREAM Platform in 2014, to deliver significant investments in transformational projects in remote and rural communities, providing access to reliable 24/7 access to electricity from renewable sources, and, complimentary services including banking, street lighting, and other infrastructure projects made possible by access to power.

DREAM Alliances underpin the DREAM Platform. To qualify for DREAM’s investment, projects must demonstrate significant positive Societal and Economic Impact along one or more of the following Strategic Pillars:

1. Powering Healthcare & Education
2. Powering Communities
3. Powering Commerce & Industry
4. Expanding First Time Access to Electricity

Contact us for more information: +254 20 7800370

Power up your life.