About DREAM EP Global Energy (K) Ltd

DREAM “Developing Renewable Energy in Africa and Middle east” is an initiative EP Global Energy launched in 2014 to support and provide cheap and renewable energy in Africa and the Middle-east.

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As children, we were amused by the idea of life in space. Curious imagination guided by a wide range of movies and cartoons we’d watch. Then the sci-fi craze was activated by a new story-line that became a trend for script writers ‘the human migration out of space after the world gets destroyed by climate change’.   The idea of migrating the earth and living in a high-tech ship looks really cool on television or as a story, especially to the youth, until one begins to really think about it. If children are the leaders of tomorrow or the future, we should nurture them into appreciating the earth instead of showing them that there is a much cooler alternative if the Earth got destroyed.

As one grows older, they begin to appreciate the earth ( for some, it happens at an earlier age) . Some are fully influenced by ambition without considering the fact that in order for one to be successful, there must be an equally healthy earth. It’s only when they retire that they begin to create a little green world for themselves in their retirement homes. They begin to think more about the life on earth. Stops thinking about the space ship as a solution after the world gets destroyed. They begin to appreciate the freedom and new wonders that earth  offers.  They begin to forget about living in a housed, high-tech environment out of space. They assess what life in space will really be like; budgeted air supply, limited places to visit, a world whose knowledge can never be exhausted. By the time a child learns to appreciate earth, they are also receiving the pressure of becoming “something meaningful” in life. However, they are never taught about how to become something meaningful while still taking care of Earth as their own and for the future generations.  After they grow up and become successful by destroying the little piece of earth that they know, they then decide to give back to the community by fixing what they destroyed and they are rewarded for that.

I have interacted with many 20-year-olds in Kenya who say that they did not know about the SDGs. Some even say that they have never heard of it. Others claim that they only heard about it at work while it is important for the younger generation to have it in the back of their minds and carry out every goal as a life skill. With that, they will be able to shape their careers and various projects that impact the community into the Sustainable Development Goals. If not, then the SDGs will just become an ambitious project that is only practiced by a small population while it should be a way of life and a collective responsibility. By now, the SDG concept should be in school curriculums if we really want to prove sustainability.


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