About DREAM EP Global Energy (K) Ltd

DREAM “Developing Renewable Energy in Africa and Middle east” is an initiative EP Global Energy launched in 2014 to support and provide cheap and renewable energy in Africa and the Middle-east.

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DREAM EP Global Energy, Kenya, provides renewable energy solutions across Eastern Africa to power: healthcare, education, commerce, communities and to expand first-time access to electricity to both rural and urban areas. We also design home and residential solar systems. Through providing clean, green and reliable energy, we support development.
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About DREAM Kenya

DREAM EP Global energy Kenya (Ltd) was formed in 2014 by EP Global Energy ( based in Cyprus) with the initiative of Developing Renewable Energy in Africa and Middle East (DREAM) with projects in the following countries: Kenya, Jordan, Uganda, Zambia, South Sudan, Tanzania, Iran and Oman. DREAM is an integrated platform which provides developing risk capital as well as project equity to projects in the DREAM pipeline. DREAM alliances deliver technical excellence and innovative designs to provide clean, renewable and reliable energy solutions in order to achieve its main objective which is to develop renewable energy in Africa and The Middle East along the following strategic pillars:

1. Powering healthcare and education.

2.Powering communities

3.Powering commerce and industry.

  • 4.Expanding first time power expansion.

DREAM frontier projects pipeline focuses on delivering high impact projects for rapid electrification utilizing the DREAM Power Box, The Little DREAM Box and Big Little DREAM Box with innovative schemes for first time electricity access and for existing consumers wishing to reduce their reliance on costly and low quality electricity. DREAM also designs custom off-grid or locally distributed fixed rooftop systems to deliver cost-effective 24/7 power.

In DREAM EP Global Energy Kenya (ltd), we power healthcare, communities, commerce and industry. We also expand first time access to electricity around the country thanks to a highly skilled and competent team that is always ready to make the DREAM of every individual in all communities (regardless of age or class) a reality in both urban and rural areas by providing highly efficient renewable energy solutions to fit everyone’s needs.  We partner with local consumers and residents as well as municipal services, health workers and administrative leaders to make our projects a success.

1. The needs of most rural consumers can be adequately and cost effectively be met with a stand-alone off-grid system,


2. Mini-grids are effective where there is potential for creating commerce and industry.

Our Featured Services

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